Put a page of your favourite book on your wall

Inspired by a Facebook post this morning about painting words on a wall, I fell into a rabbit hole of "research" and just had to share these images with you. I've seen images of words or text on canvas or framed but you don't get to see full-scale ones like these too often. I prefer the tidy black-and-white ones that make it look like real writing or printed text without the flourishes that some wall decals have.

What words would you paint on a wall?

This first one is amazing. And not just because it is Harry Potter. Click the image to read the full story.


This (below) isn't paint but fabric!

And from the beautiful A Beautiful Mess, here's Elsie's room
Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)

be thou my vision....Lyrics as a mural. She hand drew them then projected them and used black paint pens on white wall.

How's this for placement?

Typography, words on a wall or info graphic, leading the journey through the environment.

And of course, can Pride and Prejudice be left behind? Here's Darcy's first proposal to Elizabeth. So good.

Image result for writing on the wall

I hope you're inspired today! Any favourites? 
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